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Claudine Pfeiffer
I Reside: Weaverville, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Paul
My Children: Only 4-leggeds and feathered "off-spring".
Occupation(s): Business manager
Yes! Attending Reunion
I am not planning to attend the 50th Reunion:

I hope you '69ers have a good time without me!

Who I would like to see at the 50th Reunion:

Barack Obama

Where I was born:

Osaka, Japan

An Opening Statement:

I hope that my contemporaries are predominately supportive of the change advocated by Barack Obama and that some of my former classmates will be instrumental in moving forward his progressive agenda, both in governmental activities in DC and in their home communities throughout the country and world.

Marital Status:


My Email address:

My Parents:

My Mother is still living and has recently relocated from Bethesda to Charleston, South Carolina.


C.W. Post College/Long Island University
B.A., English

Haywood Community College, North Carolina

Professional Achievement(s):

Community organizing and environmental activism. In my current job, keeping some residents of western North Carolina employed while contributing to the beautification of the area.

My Biggest Disappointment(s):

Not being able to do more to move the planet toward peace among humans and respect for the rights of other species.

My Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. Schmerler, an English teacher, who influenced me to major in English in college

What was my BEST moment at Whitman:

Participating in the innovative special discussion classes which were held one year in lieu of regularly scheduled classes (featuring the famous parents of some of the students, among others).

Family members who attended Whitman:

Brothers Geoff Riches and Bob Shimizu; sisters Ellen Pfeiffer, Stephanie Riches, Maggie Riches and Lonnie Riches

My Interests:

Energy independence
Alternative energy production
Transitioning from fossil fuel power to renewables
Air pollution
Safe food production
Respect for and proper treatment of other life forms
Enlightenment of the human species
Celebration of the creative community and the arts
Reverence for nature and creation

Truth or Dare?

How much do we care? What is our generation doing to address the pressing issues of our time? How successful are our efforts? Our peers are either now in positions of power or getting ready to retire. Have we made a difference?

My Weakness:

Intolerance of stupidity

My Favorite Music:

Harmonies, major chords, percussion and danceable

My Favorite Food:

Sushi, veggies and fruits

My Favorite "My Time":

When it's quiet and you are not interrupted or distracted

My Favorite Sports Teams:

Basketball and swimming

My Health:

Generally good

My Biggest Loser Numbers:

1 and 13

My Giving:

I have tried to give to the communities I have lived in throughout my life, beginning with being a volunteer for Head Start in DC during high school to starting a breakfast program for kids in New York during college. I was a social worker for children in Ohio and did community organizing there for over 5 years, as well as starting a recycling and a Hospice program. I was the Director of a community center in Asheville, N.C., for over 5 years after relocating in this area and have served with numerous community based organizations. I was a founding member of a citizens group opposing the siting of a high level nuclear waste dump in our mountains and have long been an advocate for the implementation of alternative energy sources. My husband and I saved and constructed a passive/active solar house 7 years ago and are looking forward to the day when we can power our vehicles with photovoltaic collectors positioned on our property. I worked for over 3 years as a district congressional staffer, focusing on addressing environmental issues. I love animals and have given many "rescued" dogs and cats a home throughout the years, as well as fostering them until I could find good homes. I try to provide a habitat for wild animals and have many birds, turkeys and an occasional deer, bear and bobcat our property. I have worked with neighbors in my "cove" to prevent irresponsible development from desecrating our area and have tried to influence the passage of protective environmental ordinances and laws at the local, state and federal levels.

My Bucket List:

I am not sure what this means

Famous or interesting people you've met?

I met many Congressional notables during my work on the District staff (Al Gore, Lee Hamilton, Bill Bradley), as well as Michael Dukasis when he was running for President. I heard both John Lewis and Rev. Lowery speak at an environmental conference in Atlanta and was fortunate to have been in a crowd of almost 30,000 who came out to see Barack Obama speak in Asheville, N.C., this past October.

How do I relax?

Working outside with plants and animals; enjoying the natural beauty in this area hiking, camping and kayaking.
Reading inside and watching PBS programs of interest.

What is your Biggest turn-on?

Seeing people join together for a common cause which is rooted in justice and doing the right thing.

What is your Biggest turn-off?

Lying, small mindedness, bigotry, hatred and cruelty

Language(s) I speak:

English, I think

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Thanks for Noah for asking remembrances be sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which does tremendous work and is needed now more than ever given the current political climate.

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Happy Birthday, Lisa. We had a WWOOFer (Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms) who stayed at a farm near Oxford last summer and visited your bookstore. I asked him to look you up but he didn't have a chance to meet you. I still hope you will be able to travel to Asheville at some point and we could show you what we are doing. Check out our website at while you are focused on your technological endeavors!
Have a great celebration!

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