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Profile Updated: June 25, 2024
I Reside: Southern Shores, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Lisa Moore Hoke (Homecoming Queen '70, Lynwood High School, Lynwood, New Jersey)
My Homepage: View Website
My Children: Sara Beth Hoke Kim 39, August 19, 1984. Sara is a graduate of James Madison University in Dance. She More…works in Georgetown.

John Ray Hoke III (Jake) 37, April 24, 1987. Jake is a Senior at Virginia Tech in Business. He is an Eagle Scout.

Scot Gordon Hoke 32, November 17, 1991. He too will become an Eagle scout later this year.
Occupation(s): A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. (FAIA)
Military Service: Army ROTC (Does that count?)  
My 50th Reunion Experience in Detail:

What a wonderful reunion we had. I am so grateful of the many people who attended this important event. I enjoyed all the hugs and kisses.

BTW--I hope you will consider buying one of Jim Monday's tribute posters to hang in your home or office. I can assure you it will put a smile on your face every day. I guess by now you know I have a favorite--but of course it is of your humble WWVebMaster. Good job Jim!

And finally after almost 50 years apart I was reunited with my best friend Bob Page. He drove all the way from Fairbanks Alaska with his wife Lynda and dog.

My Nick Name:

You can call me Jay or Johnny Ray FAIA. My kids use to call me Johnnie Sweet Limeade...actually it is JAY.

Why I want to come to this reunion:

To soak in all of those wonderful people who shared that very special period of our lives at Whitman.

Who I would like to see at the 50th Reunion:

Bob Page, Chuck Leonard, Bill McWorkman, Bob Graves, Richard Rader, Jeff Southmayd, Alan Carry, Keith Morgan, John Ganjei, Tristram Kruger, Doug Henry, Eric Pierpoint, Steve Rales, Larry Wagman, Fred Ritzenberg, and Rolf Siverson.

Jean Phelps, Lisa Johnston, Linda Williams, Mimi, Barbara Sweetser, Jean Phelps, Nancy Spruill, Renee Roberts, Diane Wiener, Vicki Brown, Cathy Dandy, Linda Gutheil, Ann Stanley, Claudine Pfeiffer, Kathy Barlow, Beth Shapiro, Stevie Cowden, and Kathy Glew.

Enrique Sylto

June and Jack (my beloved mother and father)

Where I was born:

The Old Sibley Hospital, downtown Washington, DC

An Opening Statement:

This is a Work in Progress!

STOP Right There! Relax, take your shoes off, rest for awhile, and play some of my favorite music videos, below, while you are hanging out on my profile. "Who is this guy, John Hoke? I don't think I remember him at Withman, you might ask yourself".

I am a licensed architect in the State of Maryland, a graduate of Syracuse University, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. My journey started at Walt Whitman in 1966.

I am a very lucky guy, you know. I have a wonderful family and a marvelous wife name Lisa, who "Get's Me" most of the time. My children Sara, Jake, and Scot are the BEST. I am a lifetime Episcopalian and I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

When I retire I want to have a small cabin in the mountains and a small cottage at the beach. Of course, I will design both.

Elementary School:

Horace Mann - Washington, DC

Jr. High School:

Western - Bethesda, MD

Marital Status:

Married since January 19, 1980 (39 years of bliss!)

My Email address:

My Parents:

June Hoke, born 4/11/27, died 12/6/84. June was an artist and the world's best mother.

Jack Hoke, born 2/5/24, died 1/1/09. Jack was a Realtor and the world's best father.


Idaho State University: 1969 to 1972, major in Architecture. Transfered to Syracuse University, 1972 to 1974, hold BA in Architecture (5 year professional degree). Internship with Brown and Page Architects, Alexandria, VA and The American Institute of Architects, Washington, DC. Elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 1991. Licensed Architect in the State of Maryland since 1979.

Professional Achievement(s):

A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 1991 on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

My Biggest Disappointment(s):

The passing of John Ray Hoke “Jack” ( My Father)

On Thursday, January 1, 2009, John Ray Hoke “Jack” (age 84) died of complications due to congestive heart failure. Jack was a resident of Potomac, MD spending 60 years in Real Estate.

Jack was born in Pittsburgh on February 5, 1924 and was the youngest son of Lucy and Henry Hoke. He grew up in Garden City, NY and enlisted in the Army Air Force served in West Africa and elsewhere in WWII. He attended Bard College and Georgetown University and graduated from George Washington University. He married June Gordon in 1948 and they had two children. June died in 1984.

Jack is survived by his beloved wife Nancy Hueper Hoke, his son John Ray Hoke, Jr, FAIA and his wife Lisa; his daughter Joyce Hoke Redfield and her husband Dr. Robert Redfield, MD; his brother Charles Hoke and his wife Libby; and his step-son Paul Hueper and his wife Sue. Jack had ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren who gave him much joy every day.

Three words to describe myself in 1969?

Very Shy Horny

A Walt Whitman Story:

I just wanted to say a few words about my teachers; you know the Good, Bad, and Ugly ones.

The Good Ones: Richard Abell, Anthony Stavaski, Carol Elfant, Ed Geiger, Tom Benedik, Richard Henry, and Bari Bergman are a few I remember that were really amazing people. As for the Bad and Ugly only one teacher fits into this category. My strange and bazaar German teacher, Mr. Enrique Sylto. But to his credit the students in his classes banned together supporting each other just to survive the torturous 50 minutes three times a week.

One thing he did that drove me absolutely crazy was he would act as a bad hall monitor in the hall between classes hitting guys in the head. So un-PC today.. The other weird thing I would do daily was to see him run through the stairwell and hallways pushing aside anyone in his way shouting, "Emergency, Emergency, please get out of my way". Only to end up running into the little boy's room. I believe he had prostate problems and he had a growing and growing and growing problem.

My Favorite Teacher(s):

J. Francois Gabriel, Professor of Architecture, Syracuse University. Author of the book, "Beyond the Cube". He taught me about designing with "Space Frames".

What was my BEST moment at Whitman:

Going to Tony Staviski's class on Architectural Drawing.

What I loved most about Whitman:

The spaces between our buildings and the people moving quickly between them. So much life, energy, and excitment.

What was my WORST moment at Whitman:

German Class with Mr Sylto.

What I hated most about Whitman:

Not having a girlfriend and attending the Senior Prom!

Family members who attended Whitman:

~Sister-Joyce Diane Hoke (Redfield), Class of 1970

Hoke's are like Rabbits--

.Cousin-Junie Hoke, Class of 1966
.Cousin-Greg Hoke, Class of 1968
.Cousin-Frank Hoke, Class of 1971
.Cousin-Nancy Hoke, Class of 1972
.Cousin-Corsin Hoke, Class of 1974
.Cousin-Bonnie Hoke, Class of 1975
.Cousin-Edward Hoke, Class of 1977
.Cousin-Larry Hoke, Class of 1981

That's it until we all starti having Grandchildren!

My Interests:

Book Publishing, Design, Art, Dance, Moivies, Music, Computers, Photography, Stamp Collecting, Walking, and Healthy Life Style.

Truth or Dare?

Truth--I had this serious crash for Jean Phelps. I thought she was an "Angel from Heaven".

WOW, I had to confess!

Now, I can move on, I think!

My Weakness:

Peanut Butter and Whip Cream in any order!

My Favorite Music:

Classic Rock and lately the Celtic Woman.

My Favorite Food:

Sushi @ SushiKo Chevy Chase, MD

My Favorite Restaurants:

The Inn at Little Washington
Old Angeler's Inn
London's, Four Roses

My Favorite "My Time":

Walking in the Mountains or along a beach at the Outer Banks.

My Favorite Hero(s):

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Architect Buckminster Fuller, FAIA
President Theodore Roosevelt
Spartan King Leonidas
Beatle John Lennon
My Parents

My Favorite Book(s):

Architectural Graphic Standards

My Favorite Movie(s):

Bram Stroker's Dacular
Pink Flamingos
All Clint Eastwood films
My Fair Lady
Brave Heart
Dances with Wolves

My Favorite Musicals:

Anything British

My Favorite Sports Teams:

The Nationals

My Favorite Smell:

The scent of skunk on a country road.

My Health:

On Thanksgiving Day I got a "Wakeup Call" that changed my life forever. I learned I have Type 2 Diabetes. It is under control with insulin, planned meals, and exercise. I have already lost 23 (as of 12/2/08) pounds. Hopefully by next Fall I plan to get back to my weight as I was at Whitman. My goal is 185 pounds and off meds.

I can do it, I can do it...

My Biggest Loser Numbers:

My Height is 6'-2"
Starting Weight: 311 lbs. (on 9/1/08)
My Weight: 264 lbs. (as of 2/23/09)
Pounds Lost: 47 lbs.
Percentage of Weight Lose: 15%
My goal is to return to my weight in 1969 of 185 to 195 lbs by the end of 2009.

I should be about 260 lbs at the reunion. That will be Johnny Ray Light...

"Good Luck Johnny Ray and keep on LOSING"! says Chuck Leonard.

My Giving:

The National Children Center, The Boy Scouts of America, The National Cathedral Foundtation, Syracuse University School of Architecture Foundation, and my clients each and every day.

My Bucket List:

To live in Amsterdam for at least a year, Design a Museum, Own a Five Star Restaurant, Design/Build Cabins in the Woods and a Beach Cottages. Travel to Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland. Oh yes, and maybe a quick trip to the Outer Space. Does anyone want to gift me a ticket?

Famous or interesting people you've met?

Architects: Buckminster Fuller, Philip Johnson, Michael Graves, Robert AM Stern, Richard Meier, Fay Jones, Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Arthur Cotton Moore, and Cesar Pelli the architect of National Airport.

Musicians: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Lee Greenwood, and Pig Pen of The Grateful Dead.

US Presidents: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.

How do I relax?

What's that? Oh yes it's something people do to unload daily stress.

What is your Biggest turn-on?

The sound of falling snow in the mountians and seeing a large buck with a full rack. I love the movie, "The Deer Hunter".

What is your Biggest turn-off?

April 15th every year...

Language(s) I speak:

A little English and a little German

My Pets:

Toby-beagle passed
Teddy-beagle passed
Weber-cat passed
Lilly-14 year old mixed color cat
Fish-Various types and ages
We have had many other pets and some are even buried in the back yard...Creepy, right!

I am a Veteran:


I was a Hippie:


Favorite Quotation/s:

"Life is like a box of chocolates"

Philosophy of life/Credo:

May it ever be so humble; there is no place like home.

Don't be a Hater, become a LOVER...

Last book read/Book now reading:

"The Divine Comedy" or better known as Dante's Inferno, written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321.

"The Great Invasion of 1863" or better known as General Lee in Pennsylvania by Jacob Hoke published in 1887.

My Tombstone reads:

Here Rests Johnny Ray FAIA...

My Song Dedications:

#1--I John Ray Hoke Jr dedicate "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by the British band Procol Harum to the love of his life, Lisa Moore Hoke. The single reached number one in the UK on 8 June 1967.

#13--I Johnny Ray FAIA dedicate "He Ain't Heavy, He is My Brother" by The Hollies in 1969 to my Bro and college roomate Bob Page who now lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. He can see Russia from his window!


An Architect and your beloved Vebmaster.

What I Need:

To design your future home, mountain cabin, or beach cottage.

About My Wife:

The love of my life!

About My Children:

All gifts from Heaven

What I am wearing to the Reunion:


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Montgomery County native Steven Rales won an Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film as producer of the film, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.” Rales was born in Bethesda in 1951. He founded Danaher Corporation in 1984 with his brother Mitchell Rales (part owner of the Washington Commanders and founder of Glenstone), where Steven Rales is chairman of the board.

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We are hunkered are down at home for the unforeseeable future. I hope all is well with you and your family, too !!!
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My brother-in-law is doing a great job leading the CDC.
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January 19, 1980 — 40 years of Love and Joy
Posted: Nov 08, 2019 at 2:07 PM
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Lisa and John at Dobbin Tavern. Gettysburg, PA. It’s official I am now a true 69er.
Posted: Nov 06, 2019 at 10:01 PM
I am now a true 69er on 11/06/2019 with son Jake at Dobbin Tavern, Gettysburg, PA.
Posted: Jun 28, 2019 at 1:56 PM
Posted: May 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM
Daughter Sara Beth with husband Stephen Kim who is holding our first grand daughter Everly June Hoke Kim. She was born March 25, 2018. They live in LA. We are very happy grand parents.
Posted: Jun 14, 2019 at 3:01 PM
Posted: Jun 08, 2019 at 3:18 PM
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