Mike Warren

Profile Updated: July 18, 2019
I Reside: Lewes, DE USA
Spouse/Partner: Bob Smith
My Homepage: Www.instagram.com/tvillemw
Occupation(s): computer programmer, retired
Yes! Attending Reunion
My Nick Name:

Mike is my nickname born of my father's perverse sense of humor. I was named James for 1) my grandfather and many many James and Jacob ancestors on my father's side of the family and 2) my maternal uncle. I might be going by Jim now except for an accident of birth -- my twin sister and I were born on St. Patrick's Day. My father thought it would be a source of endless fun if he made a Pat and Mike joke out of his twin children.

Where I was born:

Ft. Worth, TX

An Opening Statement:

No legal spouse, no children except our pet birds. My partner Bob and I recently celebrated 32 years together.

The line above needs updating. After it was legal in Delaware, Bob and I became civilly united. A year later the state convert our civil union into a bona fide marriage. In my wildest imaginations I never believed I'd see the day. Ever the pessimist I worry now that the Catholics on the Trump Court and their allies among Christian Nationalists will revoke my marriage.

We thrived in DC under Carter and suffered the Reagan era there, too. After Bush senior was elected we left the country for a long-overdue junior year abroad. After that year in a small village near Orvieto, Italy, we bought a small farm in NC where I tended gardens, pastures and chickens. In 2004 we sold the farm and moved to Lewes, DE where Bob's mother and brother lived.

After graduating with a degree in History and Russian (Wake Forest, UNC) I moved back to DC where I looked for work using Russian. After a couple of interesting odd jobs, I took night courses in computer programming and had a string of jobs using those skills: a law firm, a defense contractor, The Source, The Nature Conservancy. My last employer was me.

Elementary School:

Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School, CA

Jr. High School:

TW Pyle

Marital Status:


My Email address:


My Playlist:

Apple Music under ID tartaruga@verizon.net

Classical Music, American Songbook, old standards, musicals. Although I have a party playlist that includes music of the sixties, I prefer the music of my parents' generation

My Parents:

Karl S. Warren. Born and raised in Colorado, died in Alexandria, VA in 1982. He was an executive in the defense aerospace industry, which explains why we moved so often growing up.

Alice Koehnen. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, died In Mishawaka, IN on election night 2016. She and my father met before WWII in San Diego where she was secretary to the VP of sales at Convair.

I have four sisters. We siblings get together once a year on neutral ground, most recently at Staunton, VA. Fun!


Wake Forest University, History/Russian
UNC Chapel Hill, Slavic Linguistics (no degree)

A Walt Whitman Story:

Don't look for me in our senior yearbook. In all its wisdom the yearbook committee replaced my photo and name with that of one Walt Whitman, a well-coiffed French poodle (more of an insult to the poet than to me.) I didn't take it personally until four years later when the slight was repeated (sans le franche poodle) in my senior yearbook at Wake Forest.

I am still shy, not a joiner. My happiest memories were playing bridge with friends Bob Sedgwick, Betsy Berg and Adrienne Trussell and the school tour of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (wish I could bring to mind the name of the history teacher who led the group.)

What I loved most about Whitman:

I'm going to steal Bob Peskin's answer: The Dome. I wept when I heard they tore it down.

My Interests:

Bicycling and running. My bike has been my constant companion ever since the training wheels came off. I feel truly free only on my bicycle. I used to commute to work in DC. Now I bike to the beach every day, about 18km round trip.

In 2016 I made it a goal to run a an official 5K race. The next year I completed three races starting with the Oy Vey 5K in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Unfortunately, I injured my knee in 2018 and now can only run/walk, 6km a day. I call all of the above 'cheating the grim reaper.'


Truth or Dare?

I have a lot of ideas I cannot share here!

My Favorite Music:

American Songbook, musicals

My Favorite Food:

Italian, peasant food

My Health:

Pretty good, I'm happy to say. Luck in the DNA toss of the dice.

Language(s) I speak:

English, Russian, Italian. I studied numerous languages in college and graduate school but not to speak. Most recently, I learned Swedish when I started researching Mother's Swedish background. Don't ask me to speak it.

I am a Veteran:


I was a Hippie:


Favorite Quotation/s:

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.
-- Henry David Thoreau: Walden (1854), I,Economy

My Tombstone reads:

If my wishes are carried through, there will be no body to bury let alone a tombstone. Isn't it a little early to be talking about this?

About My Husband:

Bob is 11 years older than me. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, got his PhD in Statistics and Mathematics at Rutgers. I'm happy I can still add a column of numbers.

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