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•   Peter D. Scott  6/16
•   Barbara Sweetser (Frederick)  6/15
•   James Monday  6/15
•   Robert J. Page Jr  6/15
•   John Ray Hoke Jr  6/14
•   Diane Wiener (Fry)  6/14
•   Robin Kaplan  6/14
•   Betty Forrest (Robinson)  6/13
•   Sheila A. Brady, Fasla  6/13
•   Mimi Fauquier  6/12
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•   Robert M. Lehman  2011
•   Linda Bredice (Mathisen)  2003
•   Ellen Vartanoff  2019
•   Barbara Steele (Cole)  2008
•   Brenda Yost (Ellowitz)  2008
•   Joan Kreimann (Ecclesine)  2018
•   Ivy Ash (Belles)  2018
•   Richard E. King  2018
•   Barry Segal  2017
•   Eric Lindstrom  2017
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•   Alan J. Carry  6/15
•   Dr Prudy Leib (Gourguechon)  6/15
•   Teresa Remein  6/17
•   Jane Silberman  6/20
•   Lance Dublin  6/23
•   Valerie J. Gilpeer (Grodin)  6/23
•   Deborah Paddon  6/23
•   Georgia Pope  6/23
•   Karen Lewis (Lewis-Carter)  6/25
•   Jeffrey S. Thomas  6/25
•   Linda Williams (Cox)  6/25
•   William D Carlson  6/26
•   Charlotte Morris (Costa)  6/30
•   Peter L. Jones  7/2
•   Carole Herson (Martin)  7/4
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Percentage of Joined The Mighty '69ers: 59.3%

A:   380   Joined
B:   261   Not Joined

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A message from the President channeling Walt Whitman who turned 200 years old on May 31. The Class of 1969 celebrates it’s 50th year since graduation on June 12.

The Walt Whitman story

Register Today for our 50th Reunion:
A Glorious Celebration 
The early ticket sale is very helpful and much appreciated.

Registration Form

Walt Whitman High School
Class of 1969 50th Reunion
7:00-11:00pm June 29, 2019
The price is $69.00 per person.

Follow this red link below and then print the registration form. Complete the form and mail it back with your check to the address and person on the form.

Walt Whitman Class of 1969 50th Reunion
Payment can be made by one of three methods …

    Check: 1) Download and complete the registration form.  2) Mail your check for $69.00 per person AND the form to the address on the form.

     Zelle: 1) Contact Bob Peskin at to get our bank account number. 2) Go to  to make your payment of $69.00 per person. 3) Download and complete the registration form and mail to the address on the form.
    EventBrite: 1) Go to this link to make payment of $69.00 + 5.84 fee per person. 2) Download and complete the registration form and mail to the address on the form.

WWHS Class of 1969 50th Reunion Celebration to be held on
Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 7:00 – 11:00pm at…
Pike & Rose
11920 Grand Park Avenue
North Bethesda, MD 20852

Use this link to find out about Pinstripes ...

(Plenty of garage and surface parking)
A block of hotel rooms at a discounted price are available at …
Canopy by Hilton North Bethesda
(330 feet from Pinstripes…park your car just once)
Pike & Rose
940 Rose Avenue
North Bethesda, MD 20852
Use this link to reserve rooms at the discounted price …
Arrival … June 28, 2019 / Departure … June 30, 2019
1 King Bed … $139/night  or  2 Queen Beds … $159/night

Important Note: Please reserve your room before May 29.
Our 50th Reunion is getting better and better.

And Just Like That,

Was 50 Years Ago !

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged



   J u n e    12 ,   1 9 6 9    


S a y . . .    

 C   H   E   E   S   E




‘69ers' Cautionary Message

Be warned that this website's content is extremely addictive and will cause low productivity at work and at home. It is recommended that you limit your daily use to no more then two to three hours per day. A warning sign would be if you find yourself constantly checking to see who else might have joined the site or who is currently online.

If you can not control yourself then make sure that you select, "Hide My Name" from the "WHO’S ONLINE NOW" feature to avoid exposing your addiction to other '69ers.

LIVE from Bethesda, Maryland

it’s...69ers LIVE @ the DOME!

Our Walt Whitman in 1969 - The Best Place!

TODAY (Yeah, I know, it's not our Whitman!)

Our Transcendental Quad

Our Black & White Quad

We are on our merry way to our next class!

WOW...Wilson Pickett and Marvelettes 1967.

Go Team, GO...

Our Old Testament - SAGA 1969



By The Numbers:
(Note: these numbers are from the 40th Reunion)

I am too lazy to bring them update.

715 graduated on June 12, 1969.

001 recent dropout (Claudine Craig)

046 are reported deceased.

668 classmates are still alive and active.

233 '69ers are living in DC/MD/VA areas.

Our 69ers population, Today is 348 Vikes 

(That is about 52% of our Class) 

321 classmates have not joined our web site.

(That is about 48% of our Class) 

149 classmates live in unknown locations.

171 tickets sold to the Saturday Reunion.

121 tickets sold to the Sunday Lunch.

010  years to go until the 50th Reunion Day.                                           


Mimi Fauquier(Murray) The Iconic Image 



Front Row: Bob Peskin, Annette Gorey, Scott McCarthy, Gary Cahn

Back Row: Susan Sharp, Tom Gorey, and the VebMaster.

  The Class of 1969 as a Singular Event Horizon:

Debra D. Aanenson Pyers Larry G Abell Vuka Achin Togberk Robert Ackerman James Adair Scott Adams David Agger Charlotte Aiken Sherry Allen Robin Allentuck Feinberg Alanson Anderson Cheri Anderson Loveless Robert Andrew Kathleen Annarella Lynne Annarella Kenneth Applebaum Stephen Arey Ivy Ash Belles Federico Astiz Paula Bacchus Roby Kathleen Bailey Atkinison Veronica Bailey Richard Baily James Baker Kathleen Barlow John Barse William Bartlett Veronica Barzelatto Michael Bass Laura Bassett Donald Beattie Linda Beaumariage Kathy Beck Charlotte Beckett Paul Bederson DDS Janet Beeker Stephen Bell Miguel Benatuil Margaret Bender Bulter Peter Bennett Elizabeth Berg Carl Bergmann William Bergmann Jonathan Bernstein Michael Bigger Linda Bille Jody Ellen Bindeman Allyson Birdsall Terry Trisha Darlene Bissell Richard Blackman Jennifer Blake William Bliss Thomas Board William Boardman Margaret E Bogardus Bruce M. Bowen Kevin C. Bowie Sheila A. Brady Guilherme E. Brandao Sandra Brauner Salazar Suzanne L. Brayer Linda Bredice Mathisen Gayle A. Brenchley Hellen Brereton Hopkins Catherine Briefs Schorn Dr. Judith E. Brill Robert H. Brinkmeyer David Broder Kevin Bronfin Gail Bronson Daniel Brooks William A. Brooks Vicki Brown Crawford William E. Brown Geoffrey Bryan Karen Buchanan Brown Linda R. Burgbacher Betty Burgess Christine Burgess Preston Susan Burk Dr. Robert D. Burk MD Dr Diane Burnside Gaede Charles B. Buscher Claudia Caffee DeLapp Gary Cahn William E Carlson Gail A. Carpenter Alan J. Carroll Alan J. Carry Ricardo E. Castro Leonard James. Cecil Maureen Cesaro Nicholas Chacos Janet Chandler Pickford Julie Chapin Bartram Thomas T. Chen Jefrey P. Christian Linda Cleaveland Barb William D. Clune Beverley Coakley Grubbs James J. Coghlan Steven M. Cohen Daniel J. Cokinos Chuck Cole Stephen Cole Susan Cole Booth Cathy Colquit Donaway Dr Jere Confrey Lynnie Cook William Cook Laurence B. Cope Kathleen Corbett David Cortright Donna Coston Scanlon Sue Councilor Peterson Michael Courlander Stevie Cowden Geraldine Craig Jonathan B. Craig Deborah M. Crannel Katherine Katie Crown Webster Kinee Culbertson Kaplan Janet Cullers Miller Joyce Cullers Greenway Janet Curtin Thomas Cutler Barbara Dahan Webb Susan Dale Westerman Cathy Dandy Kirdassi Ingrid Daniels Donna Darcey Newman Veralucia G. DaSilva Jeanie Davids Dwyer Martha Davis Sheryl Davis Hackman Danny Day Peter J. Day Wendy Day Johnson Patrick L. Deason Joseph S. Deebo Mark C. Delaplaine Douglas J. Delroy Ross W. Dembling Roger Denchfield Betsy Denell Frazier Nicholas Deoudes Daniel Devay Sandra Lynn Dick Chase Linda Dievendorf Jones Philippe A. Divine Eileen N. Dohm Simon J. Dolin Jennifer Donhauser Newby Hamilton S. Dorman Alan G. Dosik Janet C. Douglass Charles Doyle Lance E. Dublin Judith A. Dudley Deborah Dunham Stewart Jobie Duvall Devon Dworken Burak John H. Dwyer Roger Joseph. Eagan Chris Economides Jane Edlavitch Lewis Karen Ehrlich Eric R. Ehst Susan Ela Saunders Nancy E. Ellisor Karen Ellsworth Bergen Kenneth Elwyn Lynn Emerson Brownell Duane Erickson Karen Erlich Dworken Edwin H. Evans Patrica Evans Patricia R. Evans Robert L. Failor Paul L. Farrell Mimi Fauquier Murray Robyn Ferrian Scott Fey Mary Finch Lyn Fisher Cortright Carol. Theresa Flynn Craig C. Ford Betty Forrest Robinson Scott P. Foster Susan Foulger Alfandre Lawrence S. Fowler Gary N. Fox Mary Chris Fox Kristine Franck Anrold Frans Tripplaar Paul Freedman Greg Stuart Friedman Angie Fullmer O'Connell Paul Furnas Jane Galblum Haigh John M. Gallagher c/o Mrs. Mimi Gallagher Dianne Gallop Leland Gamson John D. Ganjei William M. Gannon Maria F. Garcia Douglas H. Gardiner Thomas W. Gardiner Howard S. Gartenhaus Robin Gasperow Van Riper Ona Gelman Bunce Robin B. Gerber Lisa Gessow Michelson Elizabeth Giese Dale Sara Ross Gilmer Valerie J. Gilpeer Kathleen Glew Galvin Mary L.K. Glober Melissa Goetz Mitchell Richard Gold Robin Gold Wayne R. Gold Lynn Goldberg Silverberg Laura Goldin Daniel W. Goldman Charles Goldwater Donna S. Gomien Thomas H. Gorey Barbara L. Gould Kathy Gould Renee Gould Parhizkar Robert Gould c/o Bain & Company Robin Gould Klein Julia M. Gram Robert A. Graves Dr. Barbara Green Palla MD Joel Green Philomena L. Green Paul E. Greenberg Marleen Greenfield Dr. Marian E. Greenspan Margot A. Gressman Nancy Gressman Rickets Peter Griffin Nancy J. Griffith Elaine Groves Schneider Kenneth M. Grunley Barbara Guth Norton Linda Gutheil Kallman Susan Hadler Robert C. Ham Robert C. Hamlin Andrew Hampton Elliott Hanin Jerome Blaine Harrell Richard P. Harris Richard T. Harris Richard L. Harwood Mark S. Hawthorne Deborah A. Heald Karen Henrickson Sothoron Douglas G. Henry Milton J. Herd Suzanne R. Herman Theresa Herndon McKenzie Carole Herson Martin Edward Herson Karen Hettinger Peter Partap S. Khalsa Hiestand Alfred C. Higgins James Hightower Pamela Hill Steven Hillhouse Noah Hirsch Elizabeth R. Hitz Nancy Hoberman Hart Shelley Hoddinott Carol Hodge Lee Barbara Hofberg James S. Hoffman Vivienne Hoffman Nancy John Ray Hoke Jr FAIA, Holbrook Rollings W. Scott Holland Thomas P. Holmes Peter F. Holzberg Janet Hom Biermann Marjorie Hoover MaryAnne Hoover Nicholas Horvath Edwin Huang Joan Hullinghorst Laurie Hundley William Hyder Francesca Iovine Sandy Isaacson Mudrick Pauline Jackson Robert R. Jacobs John Jacobson Petersen Jaegerman Dr. Howard.Ari Jaffe MD Pam Janicki Simmons Dr. Jill Jayson Ladd MD Lisa Johnston Howorth Dudley M. Jones John Robert Jones Kenneth C. Jones Peter L. Jones Elizabeth Jones-Dern Dern Julie Joyce Panaro Timothy D. Junkin James L. Kaler Robin Kaplan Paul Karadbil Mary. Katherine Dorris Frances Katz Kiejdan Sandra Katz Lemmon Carol Kaufman Kupperberg Kathy Keller Graves Kerry Kelley Joel Kemelhor Rod Kenner Margaret A. Keshishian Martha Kiefer Johnson Albert Killeri Richard A. King Robert M. King Deborah Kirk Edwin Kirk Huang Evelyn Kirkland Seema Kirmani Alice Kleeman Henry D. Klein Jonathan Klein Paul L. Klinedinst Diane Koff Fine Sharon Kohlenburg Ulrich Carol Kolb Hoffman William Kominers Vera Kramer Fraser Joan Kreimann Ecclesine Michelle Kreps Wolfman Simeon Kriesberg Karen Krouse Wetherholt Tristram Kruger DDS Karen Kuff Demicco John W. Kuipers Maria Labarca Janet Landay Jill Lawson Stein Chong Lee Faith Lee Breen Deborah Leff Robert M. Lehman Prudence T. Leib Virginia Karen Leitch Lamberger Joel Leivick Charles Leonard Warren J. Leonard Kenneth Levine Karen Lewis Carter Thomas Lewis Kuan H. Li Lauren Liebling James C. Liles Jan Lilienfield Weiss Nelson NOEL Lima Eric R. Lindstrom Olivier Long Robert B. Loring Lois Lourie Gurtman Joanne Love Bruce H. Lovelett Anne H. Lu Lynda L. Luig Trudy Luria Stephen Lyddane Margaret MacDonald Hutchison Georgine E. MacGarvey Jeff MacGillivray Jonathan L. Machta Molly Maginnis Tippe Pedro Magret Deborah Mallory Tarbutton Patricia Malone Wood Sally Maloney Evan M. Man Roberta Maness Allen Charles Marmor Debby Marney Mattingly William Marvin Scott A. Mason Sharon Mason Susan Matthews Freeburn Spencer Dudley M Mattingly Irene Macia Maturi Joan May Harden Walton E. McBride III Scott F. McCarthy Michael W. McCloskey Susan McDonald Wong Margaret McFarland Benton William E. McGowan Marcia E. McKimmie James A. McKinna Lynn E. McLeod William B. McWorkman Richard J. Melnick Mark Melnicove Sonia L. Mendell James M. Meyer James H. Meyersburg Janet Millenson James Miller Richard. Clinton Miller Robert L. Milto Richard D. Mitchell Sam M. Mollelo Stephen Mondello Carol Monroe Florance Catherine H. Monroe Christopher L. Montgomery Lucy Moore Wyatt Mark A. Moreland Ioanna Morfessis c/o Mike Morfessis Linda Morgal Cox Keith Morgan Esg Charlotte Morris Costa Robert H. Morris Martha Morton Fusaro Susan Moxley Sanford Barbara Mueller Kathy Mullet Morehead James Mundy Beverly Munves Labourdette Richard D. Murphy JoAnne Murray David W. Naden Larke Nahme Huang Helen Nardini Elizabeth C. Neher Bonnie L Neilson Kristin Neuschel Michael R. Newman James E. Nicholson Sharon A. Nicholson Dr Janet Kathleen Nicks Noles Jeanette North Thannikary Linda Norum Pringle Henry M. Obst Cathy Ochiltree Hass Lisa C. Oliviere Joan Orleans Smith Ronald Orleans James M. Orsinger Dean Osgood Marc Ostrom Terese M. Owens Brahlek Peter Paananen Deborah Paddon Robert J. Page Jr. Henry C. Palmer Bette J. Pappas Katherine Park Woolbert Diane Parnell Glenn Patterson Edward C. Pauley Michael M. Peizer Marc S. Perlmutter Dawn Perusse Robert L. Peskin Jean M. St. Peter Robert E. Pettis Shirley Petzal Beazer Claudine Pfeiffer Cremer Thomas Pharris Jean Phelps Rastall Eric W. Pierpoint Carol Pincus Tullman Leigh Pisner Andy Pollack Catherine Pollack Collier_Angel Georgia Pope Frank Popplewell Andrew J. Posey Garry Posin Andjalie E. Prahasto Cindy Pratt Helen N. Prescott Linda Price Doermann William F. Price George C. Pruner Janet Pusey Finucane James C. Pyle Gail Rabb Wheat H.Marc Rabin Richard L. Rader Adrienne Radulovic Steve Rales. c/o Danaher Corp Lori Raport Horowitz Ryder C. Ray Jeremy E. Reifsnyder Alice Nicole Reinhardt Jeffers Mark Reinstein Teresa Remein Kathryn A Rexrode Margarita S. Rey Stephen H. Rice Margo Rich Ogus Edmund Richard Cordtz William T. Richards Frederick A. Ritzenberg Gary Roberts Renee M Roberts Richard P Roberts Richard A. Roean Lucy Roedder Matthews William C. Rollins Jerry M. Rosenberg Ken Ross Linda Ross Cathy Roth High Nancy L. Rothschild Susan Rothwell Gurney Rick Rowan Deborah L Royce Felipe A. Rubia Joseph Ruedi Gerardo Ruiz de la Pena Cynthia Rummell Mark L Sabatke Anne Sager Muehe Cynthia Salmond Hogeman James T. Sampson Judy Samuelson Brandman Joan Santucci Ramo Gary Sarsfield Miriam Scheiber Seidel Richard A. Schendell Dean M. Scherr Debbie Schifter Schiffmann Jennifer Schmertz Iliza Bill Schmidt Jo H. Schneiderman Greg B. Schriver Patti-lou Schultz Linda D. Schumacher Schumacher Sandra Schwartz Allison Scott Peter D. Scott Priscilla Scott Zena Scott Ruth. Judie Seal Katherine Seavey Bryant Robert P. Sedgwick Eqs Barry Segal Margaret Seiferth Catherine Shaffer Gjerdingen Arlene Shapiro Beth Shapiro Susan Sharp Judith R. Sheintal Steven Sheriff Susan Sherrick McQuaid Ronnie Shoemaker Bennett Carol Shore Cynthia O. Shryock Blank Nanci Shuman Wohl Lynne Siegel Jane Silberman Leon J. Silberman Richard Silbert Mark E. Sillcox Kay Simpson Karen Sims Langden Barry S. Sirkis c/o Lisa & John Thompson Peter Rolf Siverson James E. Slack Linda Slater Barnes Laurie Smiler Grozbean Judith Smith Nancy S. Smith Rose Smith Holik Maxmillian A. Smits Deborah A. Snow Donald J. Sobel Barbara B. Solomon Jeff Southmayd Kevin G. Spaner Liz Spangler Leslie Sparks Trott Laura Speaker Seger Nancy Spruill M. Leila Srour Joyce M. Staebler Ann Stanley Leonard Donna Starbard Perry Barbara Steele Cole Victoria Steiner Melvin Stephens Roger E. Stevens Lyn F. Stevenson Jonathan L. Sulkin Ann Sullivan Theiler Margaret Swain Donald J. Swanson Sandra Swartz Isbifter Jeff Sweeney Barbara Sweetser Frederick Deborah Swisher Ludwig Robin B. Tackels Bill Talbert Sharon Tastet Holdren Catherine H. Taylor Jefferey S. Thomas Barbara Thrasher David W. Tift Wilson M. Tims Barbara D. Tollis Cindy Trevarrow Kathy Trout Horvath Adrienne Trussell Scott Scott M. Tryon Deborah L. Turnbull Mark R. Turner Bruce D. Twaddell Reuven Uberman Douglass W. Ullman Charles L. Ulrich Charles N. Vance Ellen Vartanoff Martin W. Vincent Lynne Vogel Baronoff Gerald Wacks Alexis C. Wadsworth Robert A. Wagg Larry Wagman Ellen Waks Bonnie Walker Chirigos Richard Wallace Helen Walls Terence M. Walsh Whitman Walt Kathryn J. Ward Mike (James M.) Warren Patricia Warren Patricia A. Waugaman Marilyn Weaver Fox Scott Weaver Polly Webb Rogers Guy Webster Robert Weiler Diane Weiner Fry Randall B. Weiss Helene R. Weisz Melissa Wheeler Robert P. Wheeler Deborah M. White Ross A. White Marcia Whitehead Cole Catherine A. Whiteman Frederick J. Wieker Joshua L. Wiener John M. Wilkinson MD Gilbert Judd Williams Linda Williams Cox Lynn Williams Jensen J. Stockton Williams Jr Gail Willner Chapman William J. Willson Carol E. Wilson Mark R. Wilson Peter Winkler Stuart Winokur Susan C. Witt Edward K. Woltz Alice Wood Griffin Barry E. Wood Deborah J. Wood Annette Woodhams Gorey Barbara Wooton Moraz Earl Wright John L. Wright Keith D. Wyatt Randall Wynne Tai Yamanaka Margaret H. Yarnell Brenda Yost Ellowitz Glenn M. Younes Catherine Young Cann Istok Zagar Joyce G. Zielinski Thomas Zitver Deceased Classmates John L. Baker Janet Bregman Taney Richard Cordtz Phillip A. Dietrick Bernard W. Frese III Daniel Fuchs Karin Fuller Capanna Nancy Goodhue Lynch Carol A Hamilton Alice C. Hersh Dale Howard Sipes Naomi Katz Stewart Montis Klepper Stephen B. Krumm Mona Law Pederson Karen E. Loube David Phillips Arthur Pinkus R. Blair Richards Jr. Steven Robinson Douglas C. Rummell Stanley Selis Elizabeth Shaffer Mark W. Smith Ron E. Talkington Clay Ward Farrell J. Wolfson...

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~The Class of 1969 ~








What Happened in 1969?

The Moon Landing for starters.









The '69er's Pictures from 1969

"A Walk Down Memory Lane"



"Those were the Days of 1969"

Linda Beaumariage                             Kathy Trout

Allison Birdsall      Nancy Spruill          Lisa Johnston       Donna Darcey

Source: The Amazing Jeff Southmayd


After canvassing for the food drive!

Steve Arey, Jere Confrey, Tom Gorey, Lisa Johnston, and Alan Carry.

Fred Ritzenberg

Debbie Royce getting the Bad News!


 Annette Woodhams (Gorey) and Tom Gorey at Great Falls, circa 1970-71

Between Classes - The Little Wet Chit Chat..

Donna, Nancy, and Barbara

This picture was taken immediately following the infamous false fire alarm incident our junior year (before Nancy and I started dating) during a thunderstorm when we all had to exit the buildings in the rain. Donna and Nancy are soaked, but Sweetser somehow managed to avoid getting drenched and mussing her hair (no surprise there). I recall the experience because for some reason I ended up drying off at the President for Life's house with a couple other people.

Reported by Jeff Southmayd  

Graduation practice with Diane Parnell, Polly Webb, Mimi Fauquier, Betty Forrest

'69er ladies cruising at the beach: Barbara Sweetser, Nancy Spruill, Allyson Birdsall, Kathy Trout at the wheel, Linda Beaumariage, and Lisa Johnston.

 The Lynettes bring the Motown sound to Whitman with their rendition of "You Can't Hurry Love" (Year Book 10th grade, pg.33, 1967). They opened the Talent Show!

Tom Gorey's Hair, Bed and Car!

Scottie and Donna

Dean M. Scherr


Barbara Sweetser @ the Prom.

Robin Allentuck on Graduation Day.

Go Team, says Betty Forrest.

 Danny Cokinos and Linda Williams at the Inauguration of President Nixon, January 20, 1969.


 Dawn Perusse and brother Cliff on his motorcycle from SF to Disneyland when in 1970?

Don Beattie in "Whatever Happened to My Pants"


Book Club at Barbara Sweetser's house. Left to Right: Carl Bergmann, Jeff Southmayd on the floor, ?, Jim Mundy, ?, Lisa Johnston, Craig Ford, and Barbara Sweetser. BTW, they are drinking Tab.

H a p p y   D a y s !

Calm Down!

 Nancy Spruill and Jeff Southmayd Ocean City, summer 1968. It would be the same picture spring of 2009, according to Jeff.


Channeling my inner Keith Richards with our President for Life, Lisa Johnston (Howorth) says James E. Nicholson.

Are we having FUN, yet?



Steve blowing his trombone

The 1969 Safety Club

I feel much safer now  

     Ó ð i n n   



And In The End 

The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make

consummatum est