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Charlotte Beckett

Randell Weiss is the source of this information on Charlotte Beckett--

I had looked for signs of Charlotte Beckett without success, but after I succeeded in finding Lucy Roedder, I tried again even though hers is a common name. I didn't want to believe what I found because this Charlotte Beckett died at age 48, but Dean Osgood confirmed that I found the obituary of her father (Washington Post, February 5, 1983), which recorded her as Charlotte Beckett Canales of Silver Spring. I could not afford to search for her death notice. I don't know what her health problem was, but she was hospitalized awhile growing up.

Charlotte Martha Beckett

Born October 21, 1951

Died October 16, 2000

Only child of Dr. Charles W. Beckett & Helen Jaeger Beckett

AKA Charlotte M. Canales & Charlotte B. Canales (but probably divorced and without children)

Last lived (or was hospitalized) in North Bethesda, MD 20852

She was a shy girl with a good heart. I knew her from weekly international folk dancing led by Larry Wiener, which he is still leading 50 years later. Ceramics was such a big hobby with her that she went to Alfred University in Alfred, NY to study it further, but she may not have graduated. Something brought her back to Maryland, perhaps the ill health of her mother who passed in 1972.

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10/09/19 09:06 AM #2    

Diane Gallop

I ran into Charlotte a few times over the years.  She was always lucid and insightful, even whe I ran into her during my volunteer work at Sheppard Pratt Hospital during college.  Later I saw I her struggling on a cane when still relatively young and have to wonder whether some of her problems may have been due to something like Ehlers Daniels syndrome which causes adrenaline surges and gets confused with bipolar, or some sort of connective tissue issue, or fibromyalgia... which was not recognized then, and not enough now.


10/09/19 12:53 PM #3    

Lynnie (William L. ) Cook

My thanks to Randy and Dean for letting us know. I remember Charlott well and think I liked her at Bradley Elementary in a way that is reserved for those in elementary school. (Oh for life to be that simple and pure once again.) She was always very friendly, talkitive and had a great smile. In fact, I cannot think of a time when she wasn't smiling. I had no idea that she went to Whitman but it was a very big school and people lose track of one another. I was particularly sadden to hear that she died at an early age and the fact that she might have been suffering for years prior to her passing. No one deserve that fate. Farewell Charlotte, I will truly miss you.

10/11/19 12:05 PM #4    

Lisa Johnston (Howorth (Class President))

I get your point, Trout, but I know Marian didnt mean any disrespect. I actually think that most people use that phrase regarding a cancer death as a way to respect the terrible struggle and endurance of a cancer victim, and not to imply that they failed in any way.  And I hope you're doing well--you seemed great at R50!   Love, Lisa

10/12/19 09:53 AM #5    

Lynn Williams (Jensen)

All of these "In Memory" pages are sad, but this was especially poignant. I had been thinking about Charlotte recently, while reminiscing about Bradley School pals I hadn't seen in decades. I imagined her now with a mane of flowing white hair, working at a potter's wheel. I had no idea she had been gone so long. She had such a sweet spirit and smile. RIP, Charlotte.

10/12/19 12:11 PM #6    

Kathy Trout (Horvath)

Hey Lisa,

My point here is that that we should be careful not to release any information here about someone's death that the deceased's family hasn't approved, such as suicide, drug addicition, whatever.  I was definitely experimenting with drugs in the in 1969-70.  Do I want that widely known? No.  But I'm risking it here.  It would be a shame to share our classmate's dark periods with the Class.  

10/13/19 01:05 PM #7    

Lisa Johnston (Howorth (Class President))

I get it! We all have our mental and phyiscal issues these days. I hope I'm not remembered for being CHEAP, as  that mean-ass German homeroom teacher said I was!!!  xoLisa

10/13/19 04:40 PM #8    

Kathy Trout (Horvath)

Lisa - Too funny!  I know a lot of horror stories from the last 60's to the early 70's.  It was a long wild ride.

10/14/19 11:06 AM #9    

Marian Greenspan

As Lynnie and Lynn have written, Charlotte had a wonderful smile.  After she visited my house, my dad, who didn't usually notice much about my high school friends, remarked on how nice her smile was.  Like Lynn, I wish she were still around, smiling as she sat at her potter's wheel.

10/15/19 10:11 AM #10    

Lauren Liebling (Liebling-Davis)

Lisa, I think it's time to reclaim cheap! xLauren


10/15/19 12:12 PM #11    

Lisa Johnston (Howorth (Class President))

LOL, Lauren! xo lisa

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