David W. Naden

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David W. Naden
I Reside: Takoma Park, MD USA
My Children: Lily, born Feb 11, 1990
Jack, born Sept 19 1993
Occupation(s): Software Trainer
Yes! Attending Reunion
Who I would like to see at the 50th Reunion:

Tai Yamanaka
Tris Kruger
Barry Wood

An Opening Statement:

I was one of those music nerds who was in every band conceivable--marching, concert, orchestra, jazz, etc. So if you didn't play music, you probably didn't know me because I was under the radar on most other things.
What I remember about Whitman, especially senior year, is that we were all SO progressive, you barely had to go to class or hand in much work (except maybe in math classes)!
We were really hot on the basketball court in those days too--lots of fun.

Marital Status:


My Email address:



BA Gettysburg college
MA George Washington University, Sociology

A Walt Whitman Story:

I remember this chemistry teacher by the name of Fauzy Gharib (I think he was Iranian). The poor guy was so out of touch, and his English was pretty terrible, that people would just take total advantage of him. Students would actually throw pennies at him when he had his back turned to write on the blackboard. And he was helpless to do anything about it. I think part of it was that students were extremely frustrated because he was so difficult to understand, and it was already a difficult subject. This is a pretty shameful story, but for some reason it sticks out in my mind.

Family members who attended Whitman:

my sister, Candy Naden, graduated 1967

My Interests:

biking, playing music, reading, being outdoors any way I can, traveling, gardening. Like politics, current affairs.

My Weakness:

Hm,,,where do I begin?

My Favorite Music:

blues, folk,

My Favorite Food:

peanut butter--I can't help it.

My Favorite Sports Teams:

don't care about sports much.

My Health:

I always struggle with leg problems, stemming from a nasty accident I had when I was 2 years old. But I get around pretty well, and can do most things. Otherwise, solid--I'm not overweight, I'm in shape, I work out, eat well. (with an occasional indulgence in salt/fat). Still have hair on my head. NO pot-belly!

My Giving:

Nature Conservancy, PIRG, National Public Ratio/TV, Sierra Club. I'm an avid environmentalist.

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