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My sister gave a good overview of our father, T.A. Nisewaner. I am actually learning a lot about him and his "secret" life as a teacher. Very reassuring to know he took his second career and ran with it.

I was always amazed at the amount of time he put in to, not only his teaching, but the coaching he did as well. He coached swimming and cross country. The last one always amazed me as I didn't think he really knew all that much about it. Imagine he learned though.
Other things about my dad.
While he had a tough exterior, he was a real soft touch. He could rarely resist giving money to anyone who came knocking at the door. He contributed to a number of charities one of which involved supporting an American Indian child via donations. He was part Cherokee on his mother's side. His simple beginnings made him appreciate life and all it brought him.
He joined the Navy from Boise, Idaho never having been to the ocean. It was a way out and up and he enjoyed every minute of his time at USNA.
Golf was his sport of choice. He played other sports in the Naval Academy, and helped teach us all to swim, but he loved his golf time. It was his time and he never invited us or taught us how to play, although he volunteered to teach kids the game at his club when he retired.
Dad never worked in the yard until he retired and then he puttered for hours sitting in the back pulling weeds (half the time he'd be in poison ivy, but it never seemed to bother him.)
He loved being the secretary of USNA class of '32 and was in constant contact with different men from his class. He also attended the reunion of the Albert W. Grant as often as he could and was one of the few officers that did. It was a ship that had important connections and a crew that had gelled despite the very different backgrounds of its members. Many felt a draw that brought them again and again to meet and I thought it notable that at his funeral in Annapolis, one old judge ,who had been on the ship, flew for the first (and only) time in his life to be there.
He was indeed a 'sterling character' and it gives me pleasure to read his effect on some of his students.

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I just saw this post by Jan Nisewaner about her dad. I totally bombed at geometry but he was kind enough to give me some assistance in the morning before school started so I was able to pass the course, although barely. I have never forgotten what he wrote in my senior yearbook and it's something I took to heart: "Keep off the rocks and shoals of life." Good advise from a wise old sailor.

Jan Nisewaner has a birthday today.
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Jan Nisewaner has a birthday today.
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Jan Nisewaner has a birthday today.
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Jan Nisewaner has a birthday today.
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Jan Nisewaner has a birthday today.
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