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02/09/23 11:58 AM #1    

Martha Kiefer

My condolences to the family. In High School I admired and respected Laura so much.   We were in totally different circles yet, the high standards she maintained  permeated to many.   She was a beacon to  me in quiet ways.  Martha Kiefer

02/09/23 02:50 PM #2    

Leland Gamson

The best word to describe Laura is "mensch".  In Hebrew Sunday School she was always engaged and encouraged us slower learners. She graduated valedictorian in our highly competitive high school while being humble and kind to everyone. It is so admirable that she put her Yale and Harvard degrees to use to protect our environment and the health and welfare of the most vulnerable.

02/09/23 08:29 PM #3    

Marian Greenspan

I'm so sorry to hear this news about Laura.  My condolences to her family.  I was awed by her brilliance and work ethic in high school, and she was also nice.  Her obituary shows that she went on to make a real difference in protecting the environment and in training new generations of lawyers to do so.

02/10/23 02:11 AM #4    

Lisa Johnston (Howorth (Class President))

Damn--Laura was the student I always wished I could be! So smart, industrious, always friendly and kind. I remember how proud and excited I was when she and Prudy Leib got accepted to Yale's first class to admit women students. (Hard ot believe it was that way then!) I am thinking of her family and friends. She was a great lady. Lisa (Johnston) Howorth

02/10/23 09:55 AM #5    

Richard Gold

Laura was one of the first to welcome me to Bannockburn Elementary. when i arrived there in 3d grade  She was smart then. I remember her as a sweet person with an angelic smile. The pictures above reinforce that memory.  i regret now not knowing her as an adult after seeing her academic and community accomplishments and commitment to social justice and sustainability. Thank you Lee for your description of her. Bannockburn was a special place to grow up with special families. She was a special person. Condolences to her family. May you find  respite from grief in her legacy. .




02/10/23 10:25 AM #6    

Annette Woodhams (Gorey)

I will never forget going to Kindergarten Roundup at Radnor Elementary when I was five. A little girl stood at the chalkboard and drew a picture of a bird, then wrote the word bird. My mother had been told that we should come to school as a blank slate, don't teach anything. Teachers will do that. And yet this tiny little girl had just written a whole word! It was Laura Goldin and that was just the first time I understood just how brilliant she was. Sorry to hear she has passed on.

02/11/23 01:21 PM #7    

Faith Lee (Breen)

Sending condolences to Laura's family on their loss.  Reflecting upon both her and the accomplishments of our classmates makes me sorry that I have not been more engaged with everyone.  So, if you are ever in Houston, please let me know and I will try to get together with you.  Sending well wishes to each of you and your families.  

Faith Lee Breen

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