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01/01/21 01:32 PM #2    

Lisa Johnston (Howorth (Class President))

Sad to hear this. And on his birthday. My condolences to Howie's family. I'm glad he's no longer suffering, but he'll be missed--a nice guy. Lisa J.

01/01/21 02:05 PM #3    

Scott Mason

Howard and I grew up together.  He was always fun to be around.  During one phase of our lives we used to play pool at his house and practice the twist (the dance).  Sorry to hear of his passing.

01/01/21 05:56 PM #4    

Leland Gamson

Howie's fondness for people was always apparent. I visited his fur store once, to catch up with him.  He was the same likeable jolly guy, he was in school. He didn't mind that I had no interest in animal furs. You will be missed Howie, rest in peace.

Leland Gamson

01/02/21 09:33 AM #5    

Albert Killeri

Howie and I took a cooking class at Whitman with Ms. Treber. We were the only guys in

the class.Killeri We had a wonderful time and as a result, I have been cooking my whole life !!!

Sounds like he had a terrific life surrounded by loving friends and family....God bless you

Howie, you will be missed....Al

01/02/21 09:54 AM #6    

Lynnie (William L. ) Cook

Howie had an infectous smile. He had a way of making whatever social situation we were in more relaxed and fun. Easy going. Nothing seemed to bother him. I envied him for that quality. Hard to believe that he is no longer with us... other than his smile... and I will never forget that. Rest In peace Howie

01/02/21 11:57 AM #7    

Peter F. Holzberg

I remember Howie as a classmate at Whittier Woods Elementary. Specifically I remember third grade where Howie and I cut out a TV screen from a large box and performed a comical TV ad skit. It was a blast Rest in peace, howie

01/06/21 12:18 PM #8    

Bill Rollins


Radnor Elementary, Mrs. Harrison's Third Grade


Howie & I were pretty good pals in the late ‘50s & early ‘60s. He lived on Whittier Blvd., right on that flat stretch between Kirby & Landon. His immediate neighbors (stage right) were ‘69ers Linda Price & Robert Lehman (RIP).  Since I lived on paralleling Geranium St., our houses were actually only about 100yds. apart – facilitating easy playtimes.

Howie had an early-on, drive-by encounter with mortality when he was struck by the USPS delivery truck in front of his house. As I recall, that strike killed his bicycle & put Howie in Suburban Hospital for a couple of days. But fortunately, young boys are made of rubber & can often rebound off incursions by the grim reaper & bounce back into this life.

Our playtime became that of either goofing off in his rec room (or basement) or going to Saturday matinees at the Bethesda or Baronet Theaters. Those matinees were usually bad Japanese horror flicks having overgrown monsters spawned by nuclear radiation, but on occasion real movies like “Dr. No” and “A Shot in the Dark” (I’ll never forget Howie’s bust-a-gut laughing when Peter Sellers got pooped on by a crow).

Upon ringing his doorbell, his very-fashionable, platinum-blond mom, who often wore sparkling clothes & furs at home (think Zsa Zsa Gábor), would immediately have me remove my shoes & walk directly to the stairway leading down to the rec room. We boys were not allowed on the living level as it had plush, white carpeting which truly looked like Artic Fox fur. Not surprising coming from a family of Haute-Couture furriers.

Our rec-room time typically was spent with Howie playing a mixture of both comedy albums and real music. Until then, I never even knew comedy albums existed. What a joy being turned on to the likes of Alan Sherman, Bill Cosby, & others. The real music consisted of the Tijuana Brass, Al Hirt, Dave Brubeck, & others. All of these albums were played on his dad’s high-quality, vacuum-tube “mono”. I don’t think stereo was quite there yet.

Howie was in his own groove when playing the comedy albums as he could add nonstop laughter and commentary – the commentary being mostly sound effects comprised of loud outbursts of random noises, flatulence & hysterics. What a pressure-relief valve he was for me from my home life.

I, being the GEEK future engineer, was fascinated (& mesmerized) by the Whipped Cream album cover from the Tijuana Brass. Although I truly did enjoy the music, I wondered, “Wow! How many cans of Reddi-Wip did it take to (barely) cover that nude woman? Who got that assignment to shake all of those cans & press all of those nozzles?” Never would’ve seen that album cover at my house.

Howie put his sound-effect talents to work in public on our trips to the movie theaters as he would “let rip” his sonic commentary. More than a few times, the usher (seeking out the commotion) would shine his flashlight on us threatening to toss us out.

But actually, getting bounced only happened once, when “we” got busted for throwing Jujubes at movie patrons sitting several rows in front of us. I mean, seriously, what else was a kid supposed to do with such an awful candy – eat it? But, with no warning this time, we quickly found ourselves horse-collared & shoved out a fire exit at the back of the Bethesda Theater. That was OK though. It just meant a short walk & an early start on some Gifford’s Ice Cream delights – such rewarded behavior & the joys of life growing up in Bethesda.

In retrospect, I came to realize that he and I were very much a Laurel & Hardy comedy team. He, of course, was Ollie – the shorter, boisterous one with all the ideas & schemes orchestrating everything. I, of course, was Stanley – the taller, whimpering dullard just standing there shrugging my shoulders in disbelief at the wreckage & pointing back at him.

As Ollie often chided Stanley near a caper’s end, "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!"

Thanks for all the laughs and good times, Howie. I needed that.

Rest In Peace.



01/07/21 10:01 AM #9    

Annette Woodhams (Gorey)

Bill - I just love your detailed account of childhood antics shared with Howie. I was also in Mrs. Harrison's class but my memories have faded quite a bit. Thanks for taking me back to the long gone Bethesda days (Baronet Theater, Giffords., etc.). We were lucky to have a wonderful childhood with freedom from the fear and uncertainty that our own children and grandchildren are now facing. Sadly, Howie is gone too soon but I think his life was well lived.

01/07/21 02:43 PM #10    

Shelley Gray (McLaughlin)

Bill, Your enlarged photo of Howie brings back so many memories of his smiling face. He didn't change much through the years.
I love your writing! Your memories remind me of my trips to Giffords, and the movie theaters. I was also in Mrs Harrison's class, but I have very few memories of that class. I think it was a few doors down on the same side as the cafeteria. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with you and Howie!

01/09/21 09:27 PM #11    

Susan Cole (Booth)

I remember Howie in grade school. He prepared a project describing an array of furs with actual samples for our class to touch. He was proud of the family business.  I started at Radnor ELementary and moved over to Whittier Woods when it was brand-new.  Sorry to have this sad news of his departure.

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