In Memory

Nancy Goodhue (Lynch)

Written by Joan Goodhue (sister):

Deceased Classmate: Nancy Goodhue
Date Deceased: 2000
Age at Death: 49
Cause of Death: lung cancer
Classmate City: Braham
Classmate State: MN
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: brothers/sister : Alan, Dale, Joan husband : Michael J. Lynch

Nancy lived fully, for her 49 years! Even after her lung cancer diagnosis at age 45, she continued working as long as possible, and remained optimistic. She worked for many years with Datatel Corporation, a Virginia company, in several different positions, including vice president. She also worked for the company from Ohio, and from Minnesota. In one position, she oversaw the users group of colleges and universities using Datatel's software for enrollment, etc. After her death, Datatel offered an educational scholarship in her name, for 7 years --the Nancy Goodhue Lynch Scholarship. Nancy was a beautiful person, and lived life with enthusiasm, optimism and intelligence, and with an open heart and mind. Her life still speaks; her courage and light still shine.

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08/19/08 09:33 PM #1    

Kathy Trout (Horvath)

Nancy lived down the street from me in Woodhaven. She was a tall blonde. I remember picking up and driving her to school. A very classy and bright person, even then.

May she rest in peace.

08/20/08 09:37 PM #2    

Tom Gorey

Nancy was in my homeroom. I remember us having totally contrary views of a substitute history teacher whom she adored and I found insufferable.
I'm so sorry that Nancy is no longer with us.

07/28/12 01:40 AM #3    

Karen Henrickson (Sothoron)

I wrote this piece soon after you passed away.


Feel the
vibrations wrapped in tomorrow
glowing gold, pulsing, breathing
through ice crystaled furrow

Hear the
pops/cracks of ditch fires rise as
smoke needles staunch the
sick sweet wind off the silage

See the
grey canvas of early spring
stroked by willow's bitter green
weeping verdant tears
while silent geese take wing


I miss you still.


01/31/16 04:40 PM #4    

Karen Henrickson (Sothoron)

I was de-cluttering a closet and came across a lovely pictures of my best friend, Nancy Goodhue and me. It was taken on the day she and Michael were married.

I loved her and still do.

02/01/16 11:06 AM #5    

Scott Mason


Thanks for sharing this about Nancy.  I had no idea. 

Scott Mason

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