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Daniel Fuchs

Bob Peskin writes: Died in 1980; he had been going thru chemotherapy when we last saw him the evening after the 10th reunion in 1979, at the diner on the northwest corner of Bradley Blvd and Wisconsin Avenue.

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08/19/08 09:23 PM #1    

Kathy Trout (Horvath)

I knew Danny from Pyle through graduation, and he was one person I really wanted to be at my wedding. And despite the 4 years we hadn't seen each other, he came. He looked fabulous.

Danny was such a kind and brilliant guy. Once I had a terrible illness with strep throat, and couldn't speak for about 3 weeks. Mrs. Loftness, our nasty French teacher, asked if my mother had given me tea and cookies. I walked out of the her class, and Danny told her I had had an operation (heh, heh, this was not true, but he wanted her to feel guilty)! He also sometimes whispered answers to me in French class to spare me the wrath of that old harridan.

Danny tried to help me with math before the SAT. After about 30 minutes, I told him I didn't care, I hate math, and let's drop it and do something else. I think he was relieved.

After the 10th (?) Reunion, which I skipped, someone gave me a message from Danny to go see him. I called him, but I couldn't bear to see him deathly ill. I still regret that decision.

I still miss Danny; I pray that he's happy if there is a heaven, and I'll never forget him. What a guy!

09/26/08 09:12 PM #2    

Greg Friedman

Danny and I were friends from birth. We started going to summer camp together in about 5th grade and the next year, when my parents announced that we were moving from Shepherd Park DC to Bethesda, one of the best parts was that I would be able to go to school with my friend, Danny. We sat together in Ashby Bryson's homeroom throughout high school. And of course we had consecutive photos in Saga 69. He had a wit and sense of humor which were wonderful and he was able to fit in with the jocks, as well as the intellects. When I last visited him in the hospital, I was carrying a sub (called an "Isabella") which I had just picked up at Bon Appetit (the "Bone"), a GW haunt. Although he no longer was able to eat except through a tube; his nose perked up as soon as I entered the room. He smiled and asked "Hey, Greg, is that an Isabella?"

I was honored to be one of those asked to carry Danny on his final trip.  There were so many of us who were close to him that Tommy designated an A Team and a B Team who accompanied us.

I still call his mom Aunt Beattie.  She's wonderful and still going strong !

11/12/08 01:33 PM #3    

Douglas G. "Doug" Henry

Recently saw where a classmate from Annapolis and former FBI Agent was moving to Hanover, NH to work Internet/LAN security for Dartmouth, and it brought back memories of a wild weekend visiting Danny at the Sigma Nu house. Good thing You Tube didn't exist back then!

LT Doug Henry, USN was honored to give one of three eulogies at Dan's Memorial Service, along with brother Tom and his Dartmouth roommate, and it was a time to celebrate Dan's short life. His Cancer was brutal, and most who had witnessed the final year or two of his battle where absolutely convinced that he was in a better place.

With that in mind, fair winds and following seas Shipmate...

02/03/09 01:17 PM #4    

Polly Webb (Rogers)

Dan Fuchs lives on.
I have a son named Ralph Daniel, born in 1982, named after Dan Fuchs and the song Daniel by Elton John. My daughter had a baby January 30, 2009 named Daniel Michael. Sweet.
Dan's smile still shines bright in my heart.

01/30/11 06:24 PM #5    

Geoffrey Bryan

My principal contact with Dan was musical -- he played baritone sax and I played drums in the school dance band, both at Pyle and at Whitman.  He was just an all around great guy.  I was shocked to learn that he had passed away at such a young age.  It feels weird to be more than twice as old now.

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