In Memory

John L. Baker

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08/22/08 05:50 PM #1    

Lynne Vogel (Baronoff)

If I remember correctly John Baker died our senior year. I thought he drowned in the Potomac River. I may be wrong but I know that he didn't make it as far as graduation. Lynne

08/24/08 04:32 PM #2    

Robin Allentuck (Feinberg)

You are correct. John died in our senior year in the Potomac River diving in to help someone who was drowning, and lost his own life in the process

09/08/08 09:57 PM #3    

Tom Gorey

John was a gentle soul who was an excellent musician (electric organ). He came from a wonderful family.

10/29/08 11:07 PM #4    

Rick Johnston Neumann (Chairman, Class Of 1970)

Along with '69er John Baker, the 1970 group also lost a Viking brother on the Potomac that day: Ronald Morse. There were two other '70 classmates that endured and survived those grim and unfair moments on the river, who still bear the scars of that day when we lost two Vikings, so early in life, both with so much promise.

06/11/09 11:00 PM #5    

Kathleen Barlow

John was one of my best friends. As Tom Gorey expressed, he was a "gentle soul". John had soul and lots of it! He loved music and played both the piano and keyboard. It was his passion and he was lucky to understand that early on in his life. John and I attended an early morning scripture study class with others of the Mormon faith. His folks would drop him off and he would ride home with me (to have breakfast) and then drive to school. John always sat at our family piano and played for us each school morning. What a lovely way to wake up! John also belonged to a band. I don't recall the name of the band but it was ALL soul music (in 60's tradition) and they played gigs all over town with outfit changes and all! One of John's proudest moments was at the James Brown concert in the Dome where he "caught" the ripped off bow tie of James Brown! He wore it for weeks and couldn't stop talking about the experience.

John gave his life in a boating accident on the Potomac River when he jumped in the waters to save a drowning friend. He went down with his panicked friend. It was tragic.

So, to John, who always had a smile on his face, was a true optimist, loved the language of music and was a true friend to all, we miss you.

08/21/20 11:16 AM #6    

Sharon Tastet (Holdren)

08/22/20 07:20 PM #7    

Leland Gamson

Thank you so much, Sharon, for sharing this article about our fellow class mate, John. "There is no greater love than this, that one should lay down his for his friends".

Leland Gamson

08/23/20 07:08 PM #8    

Lois Lourie

I remember John Baker well - he was a friend. It was so sad when it happened - my first experience really with death.

08/24/20 06:13 PM #9    

Greg Friedman

I also have fond memories of John. We shared many classes and I considered him a good friend. I remember his memorial service, my first opportunity to attend a Latter Day Saint service. He received wonderful tributes from many of his Mormon friends -- both from Whitman and BCC, I know there were many others of us who could have kept the tributes going for hours.

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